How I helped the NYPL increase newsletter sign-ups by 52.8%

I recently completed Market Motive’s “Conversion Optimization Master Certification” program led by Bryan Eisenberg (@thegrok).  As part of the program, I volunteered to perform a comprehensive conversion optimization analysis and provide testing recommendations (100+ A/B test recommendations) for The New York Public Library.  

Furthermore, I also had to run an A/B test.  Together with Johannes Neuer (@johannesneuer) from The New York Public Library we selected the newsletter sign up page for the experiment.

We actually ran two tests, but here’s the overview of the second test:

What we tested: Simplification of the newsletter sign-up page

  • Remove newsletter options
  • Shorten Privacy messaging
  • Show thumbnail with link of newsletter sample
  • Keep first test changes:

— Remove unnecessary information fields (first/last name)
— Stronger, benefit oriented headline
— Add unique value proposition points
— Clicking on “privacy policy” should open up new window

Simplifying the sign up page by removing newsletter options and unnecessary copy as well as significantly shortening the privacy language and including a sample image of the newsletter, plus keeping the changes from the first test should lead to an increase in conversion rate.
Can you guess which version won?  The control or the variation? 
Btw, Anne Holland’s “Which Test Won” published the test results.  Check out the results here: 




 Did you guess it right?

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